Women in Congress

Women in Congress

Written by: Aristophanes
Translated by: Amanda Krauss and Jess Mine

Directed by: Eliza Laytner

Assistant and Musical Director: Fatima Elbashir
Choreography by: Marcos Ramos
Music Composed by: Bernard Curry, Fatima Elbashir, Morgan Karr, Ella Pravetz, Eliza Laytner, and Ensemble

Featuring:   Bruce Alperovich, Vaneh Assadourian, Nick Bell, Katie Buderwitz, Kailyn Dunkelman, Isabel Espy, Tanya Flynn, Lila Gavares, Angela Giarratana, Lea Guillory, Jackie Kiikvee, Olivia O’Connor, Katheryne Penny, Mia Piciucco, Ella Pravetz, Laura Richardson, Misha Riley, Valentina Tammaro Gehley and Madison Worthington

Production Manager: Sonya Curry
Stage Manager: Lauren Goyer
Scenic Design: May Mitchell
Costume Design: Alice Garland
Lighting Design: Matt Johns
Sound Design: Renee Reiff


Produced by: UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television // December 2013


In her introduction to The Reign of the Pallus Keuls writes:
“Those who feel that phallocracy remains a problem in modern, more subtle, forms, may wonder about the value of reaching all the way back to ancient Athens instead of confronting the pattern directly in our society. However, just as a traveler learns about his or her own country through immersion in a foreign culture, so too can we sharpen our sense of the present by contrast and comparison with a detailed case history from the past.”